2019 Texas Fandango, Chris’ 25 Years of Racing Excellence Tour

The week after my triumphant return to the drivers seat in what is the 25th anniversary of my racecar driving career, my friend and customer Drew Bouffard and I set out to do the WRL Texas Fandango at MSR-Houston in his Porsche Cayman. 16 hours in 2 days, and we would do it just the two of us! Thankfully, wisdom prevailed and our friend Todd Archer stepped in to spell us a bit in the late morning on Saturday, allowing us to each run a fuel stint in the morning, have a break and then each do doubles in the afternoon. Trying to do it on a set of sticker Falken Azenis RT615K+ and a set of scrubs, we did a stop mid afternoon for new tires and fresh pads.

A month prior at Barber we ran into some fuel pump issues in the car, so this was a bit of a test to make sure all systems were good, then do some major prep work for a planned doubleheader at Road America and Daytona in May. The car ran flawlessly for 4 fuel stints, getting phenomenal grip from our Falkens, then halfway through the first stint of my doubleheader to finish the day the ABS quit working. Wondering what would cause it I backed off a bit and eventually started hearing a godawful howling noise. After two pit stops to see what it might be, it started to rear steer, which was quite exhilarating in the Carousel and the high speed bend into Diamond’s Edge! Finally I brought the car to the trailer to get out and take a look. All corners felt fine on the ground but as soon as we jacked the driver’s side up the rear wheel commenced flopping around. With no spares on hand and none available locally, we called it a weekend, and I headed to the shop to get ready for the SCCA Super Tour at VIR the following weekend!

Despite being cut short the seat time we got was fruitful as we tweaked the car’s setup to work much better with the Falken Azenis we run in WRL, proving the car is capable of incredibly competitive times both in the test day and in race trim. My first time in the car and I was able to run within a few tenths of Drew, and we were both able to run consistent laptimes throughout the entire stint, and all day. Our fastest time of the day was an hour into the race, and we were both within a few tenths of that even at the end of day!

You can read more about my trip to VIR on WindingRoadRacing.com — as usual thanks to Falken Tire, G-Loc Brakes, Direct Tire – ATX, Winding Road, Harris Hill Raceway and all my family, friends and customers that make all this racing possible!