2018 WRL US Endurance Championship!

Can’t start any writeup of our weekend without first thanking the numerous people that pitched in to help, saved our ass, or otherwise were critical in us even getting what we got done. Russell, my brother from another mother, busted ass on 2 driveline repairs in 1 day. Hope I can get you to tag along for some more #adventuresinhiredgunning in the future. Collin, Jorge and Brianne for helping with the SECOND diff swap in the MX5. Rudy, who helped swap clutches on the Fiesta with the help of Todd and Russell. Drew, Kristen, and his mom & dad for running around chasing parts and ice and everything all weekend. My “big brother” Gregg for fueling 3 cars when they were on track, as brief as that was in some cases! Stephanie for doing fire bottle and driving her Mazda2 to a 2nd place finish Saturday and clinching the WRL Championship with co-drivers Sean & Mike Young and Florida hotshoe Ryan Wagoner this weekend!! (And Michael Johnson, Drew Bouffard, Ben Bettenhausen in our previous outings!) Scott Alexander for the awesome wrap on the pit box! Ian, RJ, Daniel, Jeff, Frank and all the WRL folks for putting on a great event as usual. And last but certainly not least, Betina Foreman and my momma for the Saturday night pizza & beer run! I’m sure I missed some, and maybe the recall function trying to tell the story will jarr the countless others I owe thanks to!

Friday felt rough, but nothing compared to the rest of the weekend. We had 4 cars running the test day, Stephanie’s Black Armor Mazda 2, Drew’s ex-PWC MX5, one of the Fiestas I just picked up from Marc, and the Aston Martin GT4 V8 Vantage. First session out we broke a motor mount bracket on the MX5, found one at Winding Road Racing and got it pulled and delivered to the track. Slammed in and made Race practice 2. Sean ran a 2:19 in the Vantage, everybody got some good seat time in the cars, and we were ready for the race start Saturday!


Saturday race started well, first fuel stop & driver change in the MX5 went well with our new Hunsaker jugs and drilled out filler. As was the norm throughout the weekend in the MX5 & 2, we were done fueling well before the driver change was complete! It was not long into the second stint that something went bang, and the MX5 came in dragging the PPF and trans tail shaft. Evidently a turtle or 2 got clipped, took out the bottom PPF bolt that could be threaded on (a remnant from Barber…) and cracked the top ear of the PPF. So we’ve got a borked PPF, borked diff, and the driveshaft whipping around busted the tail shaft of the fancy new Walter Motorsports trans. No problem, got a spare diff at the house, get a PPF from WRR, swap in the spare trans that just ran Barber and is a good fresh spare like the diff. Get everything buttoned up in time for a stint or two left in the day, make 3 laps and the diff explodes. Turns out the ring gear bolts were barely finger tight, yet the cover was RTV’d and torqued. Hmmm….

Meanwhile, the 2 blew a right front tire about an hour to go, came in and did my impression of a NASCAR stop crossed with a monkey fucking a football and got back on track, still in 2nd place! Were getting caught by 3rd place pretty good and a fortunate double yellow came out for a car on fire and they called the race early. The flaming car was our good buddies at Deep Eddy in their brand new car, which is super unfortunate. These guys were busting ass all day Friday & Saturday, and considering my luck I feel for them as their original car never even made it to the track.

Fiesta didn’t miss a beat nearly all day besides a cut brake line early on, which i had to steal off the spare Fiesta at the shop, only I couldn’t get the fitting loose so I had to cut the hard line to get it off and get it heated up and loose. Until the last hour when the clutch fried. Which brings us to the Saturday night thrash: diff & brakes on the MX5 (after we found one……), clutch on the Fiesta, and tires and brakes on the 2. Thanks to the help of Collin, Brianne and Jorge the diff in the MX5 got done, Rudy & Russell slammed the clutch in the Fiesta that Michael Johnson picked up at the parts store, and we managed to fix some of the radio issues we had late in the race. Got out of the track by 10pm and only had some minor piddly stuff left to do besides lug torque and air pressure.

Sunday was way too early, but we got everything together without issue and on track. The MX5 did nearly 2 stints flawlessly before a rear suspension link worked loose from the late night repair the night before. Few minutes and some hardware store parts and we got it back on track for half to ¾ of a stint when the good spare transmission we put in at Barber and replaced with our Walter Motorsports unit got stuck in 4th. Funny how all this “good spare” stuff doesn’t last worth a damn from a well known PWC team….

The Black Armor 2 clicked off a 2:55 and a ton of sub-3:00 times with the Flyin Floridian Ryan Wagoner at the wheel, who handed off to Mike, our rookie. Mike ran a great race and was a few minutes from pitting when we encountered some trouble. That trouble was an immovable object which will remain unnamed, but it was immovable enough to knock the alignment completely out of whack and end our day. We were able to patch it enough to make a lap, park it, and send it back out with 5 minutes to go so we could be classified as finishers, and good enough for 4th place! So definitely have the WRL Championship well in hand!

The Fiesta battled weird clutch issues all day after the first stint and a half… first it wouldn’t disengage, then it seems we burned up the disc. If anybody’s got any wisdom to impart on this silly internal slave cylinder gismo please reach out and enlighten me. Todd ran some damn fast lap times in the first 2 hours, with zero clutch issues, which makes the whole thing weird and hard to diagnose. Rudy went out and couldn’t do more than 2 laps because the clutch wouldn’t disengage, so we came in to bleed it and sent him back out. The problem persisted for about a lap then suddenly everything was working great again. He did a stint and some, came in and handed the car over to Ian, who then had to battle a horribly slipping clutch during a prolonged full course yellow until he finally gave up because it was so awful. We sent Rudy back out in the last hour to see if it cooled off enough to finish the race and didn’t make it halfway around the track before he found the perfect stop to pull over and hang out. Big thanks to the flaggers and camera system… WHO HAD NO IDEA HE WAS OFF TRACK. Thankfully he had his phone with him and was able to text somebody he knew on the rescue truck to come get him. Thank God he wasn’t on fire or having a heart attack!

All in all, sucks pretty hard bringing 3 broken racecars home. But everybody had a great time, and we came home with some hardware, so can’t complain about that! Never a dull moment at the track, hope to see all my new friends at the track again in the future!

2018 Circuit of the Americas Parking!

We are proud to once again offer Circuit of the Americas Parking for the 2018 RedBull Grand Prix of the Americas, FIA World RallyCross and Formula 1 United States Grand Prix! Along with the various smaller events such as Pirelli World Challenge, Willie’s Picnic, and others. We’re still a short walk from Turn 1, right across from the FM 812 Lot T Entrance! For some maps and satellite photos, check out the COTA Parking page.


This is our 5th year offering Circuit of the Americas Parking, and we look forward to seeing many great customers again! Like we say, “support local enthusiasts”! And we eagerly await familiar faces as well as many new ones!

Circuit of the Americas Parking

We have a limited number of RV spots available in addition to our Circuit of the Americas Parking; due to changes in our property and business we will no longer be able to allow tent camping, but a few RV sites are available with 20A electrical service, and the number of RV’s we can have dry camping is limited only by our 17 acres! There is a dump spot available before you head home, and water to top up tanks, just no availability to hook up to either full time.

Any other questions, feel free to get in touch with us via our Contact page.

To purchase one, two or 3-day passes, head over to our square store!


How close are we? Here’s a view towards the track at about 100 feet up:

COTA Parking



TUDOR Lone Star LeMans & USGP F1 Parking & Camping, CTRS in the News!

TUDOR Lone Star LeMans Parking & Camping!

Hey ya’ll! We’ve got a few folks signed up already for the TUDOR event September 19-20, but still have plenty of space! Camping is $25/night per person, as usual, and you can book it on the Camping page. For parking, we’re running a special deal — $10/day or $15 for both days if paid in advance! To book TUDOR parking, use our Square Market and look in the dropdown for the TUDOR event special pricing! Please only use this price point for the TUDOR race! If successful we may offer deals on future events, too, so be sure to come and tell your friends!

circuit of the americas motogp

USGP F1 Parking & Camping!

Reservations for USGP F1 Parking and Camping are already rolling in, too! We hope this will be another successful year for us, and have music and entertainment planning in the works already! We’re also hoping to offer golf kart shuttles to Turn 1 for the USGP like we did for MotoGP this year, but as usual that’s up to COTA’s policies. We hope to have definitive word well in advance! Last year we had a fantastic crowd and hope to see many familiar faces this year. We’ve also got great reviews on Facebook and Yelp, so don’t take our word for it!



To book USGP camping, check out the Camping page and our Square market!

CTRS in the News!

And last but not least, we were featured on the front page of Jalopnik recently in an article titled, “I drove a B-spec Mazda2 and you won’t believe what happens next!

Check it out:


And it features some very cool pics!

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Circuit of the Americas MotoGP Camping!

We’re a month away from the RedBull Circuit of the Americas MotoGP 2014 event, and we’ve still got plenty of room for camping and parking! Last year we had a blast with all the folks that came out, and look forward to some return customers and some new folks! We made some slight adjustments to the pricing from last year, now it’s $25/night per person. We’ve also got group rates available, so if you’ve got a whole mess of friends coming out, shoot us a message for pricing!

In addition to breakfast, coffee, 2 awesome outdoor showers and facilities, we’re offering airport and beer store shuttles during the event this year! We ask that you give us a heads up so we can schedule picking you up. No hidden fees like other private Circuit of the Americas MotoGP campgrounds, and hey, we’re enthusiasts, not extortionists! Why not support fellow enthusiasts instead of lining the pockets of some dude with a downtown office? Seems like a no-brainer!

We’re planning on having more live music again, too, so it should be an all-around fun time! Even if you just come to park for the weekend we’ll have some entertainment to help pass the time while traffic clears out. We’ve moved a bunch of stuff around at the shop so there’s more parking available up front, and we’ll have a 6+ passenger golfkart to shuttle onsite and make beer/ice runs with. Less hiking equals more partying, right?? We hope so!

We look forward to seeing you this year, feel free to message with any questions you may have!

To book camping, go to the COTA Camping page.

To book parking, go to the COTA Parking page!


Chin Motorsports Rentals (and other awesome deals)!

Chin MotorsportsMost of ya’ll know I’m a big proponent of helping others out, especially local businesses… well, Chin Motorsports may not be local, but they’ve got a local putting on their events in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana! Close enough! So, I’m proud to announce a deal from me to you, fellow racer/track enthusiast! If you put a deposit on a rental down by April 1 on ANY rental for Chin Motorsports’ April 12-13 event at Texas World Speedway, I’ll PAY YOUR ENTRY! That’s right, your entry fee is on Chris Taylor Racing Services! SRF, RX7, or Miata rentals all qualify, and I’m not even marking rentals up by the entry amount!

April 12-13 Chin Motorsports at TWS rental fees:

  • SRF, $2200 for the weekend
  • Miata, $1100 for the weekend
  • RX7, $950 for the weekend

Don’t believe me? Rental for the RX7s at the NASA event at TWS later that month are the same price! That’s how excited I am about Chin Motorsports coming to Texas. If that isn’t a personal testimony, I don’t know what is! They’re also running at MSR-Houston May 17-18; so help give me the best birthday present ever and get ALL my rentals at the track for that weekend! They’re coming back to TWS in August and NOLA, so head over to Chin Motorsports’ website to check out their schedule!

LMS_7062I’m in such a giving mood, I’m even offering 20% off shop rate for the entire month of March! If you’re a fan of ours on Facebook you’ve already seen it, but I’m posting it here now, too! If you’re not a follower on Facebook, go give us a like and stay tuned for more sweet deals like this! If you’re into Twitter or Instagram, you can find me on there, too! It’s a little look into my personal life with updates and pics from daily activities. There’s links at the top of the main page to all my social media sites! @CTRacingServ on Twitter and racerchristaylor on Instagram!

Thanks, and see ya’ll at the track!



MVP Track Time at COTA (Again!)

DSC_1927This past weekend we had the opportunity to provide racecar rental services to another satisfied Chris Taylor Racing Customer for MVP Track Time at Circuit of the Americas! This really is an astounding track, and it’s a real treat to get on the track whenever possible. It seems like we’re getting fewer and fewer opportunities so I’m personally grateful when events pop up for regular folks, and even more grateful when folks rent an SRF, Miata, or RX7 from me! Among the many reasons is the viewing opportunities this track provides, and that’s part of what this little article is about. I’ll give ya’ll a brief history lesson!

DSC_1864The 2 SRFs have quite a few frequent flier miles, and I don’t mean that in an off-course excursion sort of way! The cars were shipped over to the Middle East and were part of the MeCar series, which ran at various racetracks throughout the Middle East. The red/white car has an interesting paint scheme that ties into this: the paint scheme is the Bahrainian flag! There was another car with the opposite (white front/red back), but our car was actually driven by a Sheik! I’ve had these cars over a year, knew they were from the middle east but had never heard that details… and never put together that the paint scheme was the Bahraini flag! How cool!

DSC_1886Our other car was just the Ford car, blue and white, and is currently having a new to us engine installed in it after an eventful weekend last month at Motorsports Ranch Cresson! As is somewhat customary, we ended up helping trackside with several friends and new customers. Another local outfit just dropped a Miata off for our customer’s friend, so we helped with gas, tires and instruction. It’s never too hard to get me to hop in a car, and I’m always glad to help folks! I almost pulled out my phone to take some pics while we went around but I was afraid that would throw the driver off so I just sat back and relaxed!

Both SRFs should be back 100% within the next week, so if you’re looking for a racecar rental for any events at COTA or Harris Hill, SCCA or NASA, shoot us a message! we look forward to hearing from you!!

Some other photos from the event:


SRF Rentals!

SRF RentalLooking for an SRF Rental for events at COTA, Harris Hill Road, SCCA or NASA? We’ve got 2 SRF’s ready to go! While we’re pretty new to the SRF game, we’re more than competitive on pricing for SRF Rentals, including travel, so give us a shout! Whether it’s a track day, driver’s school, instruction, race weekend or anything you can imagine, we would love to rent you an SRF! Or an SRX7/STL car for that matter!

SRF Rental

The SRF rentals use Goodyear race tires which are plentiful from the top half of the field with just a handful of heat cycles. At around 1500 pounds with 115-120HP they’ll stomp on a Miata and give even turbo Porsche’s a hard time on a twisty enough track. Real racecar feel with production car operating costs make these bad boys the ultimate in track day and driver instruction tools, and since we have 2 you can bring your top dollar instructor or have Chris help you with racecraft and advanced driving techniques. Learning a new track? Our Chatterbox and Miata/RX7 rentals will help you get up to speed quickly, while our GoPro’s, radio system and AiM data acquisition will ensure you’re getting the most out of the car! Best of all, our relationship with Harris Hill Road allows an entire day of track use for only $250 ($150 for a half day).

To see what events we’re planning on this year, check out the calendar at the Events page, and shoot us a message with any questions or availability for your desired event.

SRF Rental Cost

$800-1,000 per day depending on number of days, travel distance, etc. Includes fuel, tires, everything. If you wish to have sticker rubber, we’ll provide you a set of wheels, otherwise we ensure the tires will be round, black and have a good amount of grip… we use take-off’s from Goodyear that start out generally with 6-7 heat cycles.


24 Hours of LeMons @ ECR!

shantytownAnybody looking for hauling and crew/support for the 24 Hours of LeMons at Eagles Canyon raceway that would like to join a 944 team, we have room in the trailer! Cost is $500 to haul it up and $100 per day for support. Somewhat negotiable, it’s more important for us to fill the trailer than eek out every extra dollar! Shoot us an email with any questions!

We’ll have RX7 and Miata spares along with us, as well as quick dump 5 gallon fuel jugs, tools, and various equipment. The 20×30 canopy will be setup, and camping in the trailer is available for interested parties!


Racecar Rentals for 2014!

Racecar RentalsThe 2014 season has already kicked off with The Abominable put on by Houston Region, SCCA at MSR-Houston. We were there with 2 Spec Racer Fords and an SRX7 and had a blast. Our new customer David Hancock won both the Qualifying Race and the Regional Race on Saturday in dominating fashion with a Chris Taylor Racing Services racecar rental! After the test day on Friday, David dropped another 10 seconds from his laptime on Saturday, and this was without the benefit of data! Just old fashioned driver coaching, observation, and competitiveness! We look forward to finishing up his SpecRX7 build and many, many more events in the future!

While there we ran the 2 SRFs with support from Shakey Graves (my buddy and awesome native-Austinite musician), Black Armor Helmets and Wild Bubba’s Wild Game Grill! Without these folks we wouldn’t be listening to sweet tunes, saving our head with a crazy light and awesomely affordable carbon fiber helmet, or staving off hunger with a delicious wild game burger and fries (or chili if you’re WT). Keep your eyes peeled for some updates soon from Chris Taylor Racing Services and Black Armor Helmets. We’re talking racing radio setups and package deals! Plus, James at Black Armor is a fellow racer, and you know how important it is to help support fellow LOCAL racers and enthusiasts! Thanks to Black Armor we now have loaner helmets available. If you’re looking at getting into racing, in addition to racecar rentals we also have a limited supply of gear to loan out. Suits, shoes, and now helmets! Sizing is the important factor here, but contact us with any questions!

We’re working on a race-specific schedule for 2014. If you’re interested in a racecar rental for any SCCA, NASA or track events, let us know! We have 2 SRF’s available, 2 SRX7’s/STL cars, and we’re working on an enduro/STU car that should be finished up by Spring! To see what we’ve got planned so far, head over to the Events Page, and shoot us a message if your event isn’t on it!

In other news, Chris was featured in an article on the alumni blog from his High School! Check it out on the St. Andrews Alumni Blog site, here.