BSpec Fiesta Camber Plate & Shock Install

BC Racing Fiesta camber plateAfter discovering the race prior to the SCCA Runoffs at VIR last season that my left front shock was dead, and having run out of spares (the beauty of picking up ex-factory supported TCB cars… I think), I decided to try the Bilstein B14 kit out. After waiting 3 months on them and not getting them in time for the VIR Runoffs, I finally had a long enough break to start installing them. And, it turned into one roadblock after another. So in order to save anybody who may be building a Fiesta (or really any Bspec car since there’s so many similarities in parts, availability, and design) some headache later, I’ve decided to put together a little guide showing my Bilstein and BC Racing Fiesta camber plate install with a few pictures.

The first problem I encountered is that the adjustment sleeves are a hair bigger than the 2.25″ Eibach springs. In theory if you’re running the supplied springs with the kit you won’t have this issue, but I feel like I’ve got a general idea of what I want my spring rates to be, and I have quite a collection of springs, so I had Russell at Walker Pro Motorsports machine these down for me. Russell is an amazing fabricator, if you’re in Austin and need any cage work, intake, exhaust, seat mounting, etc done, Russell is the best!

BC Racing Fiesta camber plate & Shock topThe next hurdle has been trying to find camber plates for these cars as both the Fiesta, Mazda2 and Honda Fit (among others) have a tiny shock tower. As luck would have it, folks have used BC Racing’s camber plates on other cars and my good friend and tenant, YouTube’s Fielding Shredder is a BC Racing sponsored drifter. He reached out to BC and they hooked us up with their LAST set of Fiesta camber plates. Since I have 2 cars and more on the way, we’re trying to get another production batch done so stay tuned or shoot me a message if you’re in the market. Retail with shipping is right about $200 for the set. If you’re looking at building a car and want Mazda 2, Yaris, Fit, or Fiesta camber plate, a complete bolt-in solution, or anything in between, reach out as I can get the machine work done and everything assembled ready to bolt onto your car, align it and hit the track!

In a stroke of luck, the pillow ball on BC’s strut top is the same diameter as the Bilstein! So lucked out there. The only issue is the threaded top of the Bilstein is shorter than the provided spacer and the camber plate, so the spacer needed to get shortened, and after we shortened it we needed to cut a spacer for the smooth portion of the shock shaft. Nothing to it if you’ve got a lathe! And the next best option is a buddy with a lathe! Of course if you have neither I’m sure most any machine shop can take care of it. It’s not particularly hard if you can explain what exactly you need done. I think total machine time for turning down the perches and beveled spacers, and cutting the 1″ spacers was about an hour-hour and a half. Installed BC Racing fiesta camber plate and shock topOnce we got everything put together it was time to yank the Eibachs out and bolt the Bilsteins and our shiny new BC Racing camber plates in. After a few minutes with a plasma and another few minutes with a die grinder the strut top has been opened up for the camber plates and everything bolted in place.

Now that things have progressed smoothly, we have to hit another snag. The rear Eibach setup is an inverted shock and internal coilover, so we’ve got to switch to the factory shock and seperate spring setup… only to discover I don’t have any of the factory shock mounts to work. A quick trip online and ordered some KYB SM5802 shock tops. They’re pretty easy to find in the $15-18 range, RockAuto, Amazon, even NAPA and the other parts stores sells them. Once those came in, bolted them onto the Bilsteins and threw them in the car.

Another note, the Eibach and most Bspec kits come with the helper springs. The Eibachs were so busted up and blown out I had switched front and rear to 8″ springs, with the Bilsteins I believe you’ll want the 6″ spring and the helper if thats the setup you prefer. On my car I like it riding a bit higher so I’ve just gone with 8″ all around (400 front 500 rear if you’re curious). It sits a bit high, I think the 6″ spring and helper will ride about in the middle of your adjustment range front and rear.

Any questions about Bpsec or building a Fiesta, feel free to reach out to me here or on Facebook! I may not have built one from the ground up but I’ve certainly learned a thing or two about the completed cars in the year since I picked these up!!