COTA Racecar Rental – MVP Track Time!

COTA racecar rentals

SRF in COTA F1 garage

Whew, what a weekend! A few months back, I got a call about a COTA racecar rental for a 3 day event in February with MVP Track Time. Well, it ddin’t start off like that! But rather than hassle with dragging his racecar down from Michigan, my customer decided an arrive-and-drive program would suit him better! Arrangements were made, both SRF’s were prepped, and we loaded in Thursday evening! Ted got a garage which we shared with Motorsports Southwest, the US importer of Wolf Racing Cars. What a treat to be in an F1 garage for 3 days! And Dean and his crew were a pleasure to share a garage with — and being a fellow local, it was astounding the number of common acquaintances we had!

Day 1

COTA racecar rentalFriday dawned clear and cool. The drivers meeting saw more familiar faces than I was expecting, including some hot-shot pro drivers! ┬áNo issues for us in the morning as Ted got used to the SRF. Before lunch a couple of dudes found me and asked about the car in the trailer. “Is it for rent?” Of course! They were having problems with their GT2 and wanted to salvage the long weekend. The ┬áblack car just ran nonstop all day the last time it went out, so it looked to be a fun and profitable weekend… Until the first session, when the car developed an issue on the long straight. 3 days later I still don’t have it completely solved, but it seems to be an electrical issue from being full throttle for that long a period of time.

COTA racecar rentalDay 2

One Porsche into the fence, Keith Verges had a lower control arm bolt snap and ended up in the gravel trap in T1. No serious injuries though, just some broken parts! A long day of twiddling with things and chasing cars around. Red #34 just keeps chugging along!

Day 3

Bigger issues with black car… stopped on track completely, wouldn’t refire. After sitting a minute, started immediately in the paddock. I think it’s a coil pack. I unplugged and plugged it back in and checked all the plug wires just before it started. So some unknowns. And guess what? The red car just kept chugging along all day!