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Circuit of the Americas Rentals

We have a variety of “momentum” cars available for rent at Circuit of the Americas and tracks across Central Texas and the US. SCCA, NASA and PCA races. Chin Motorsports or Edge Adventures for track days, or any other group! More info is available on our Rentals page, but our cars include the following: SCCA Spec Racer Ford (SRF) cars, STL/STU/SRX7 Mazda RX7s and now a 1999 SM/STL Spec Miata Mazda MX-5 under construction.

Besides our excellent rental program, we also offer some convenient services for racers and teams coming to the Circuit of the Americas. Need a place to park  your stuff before/after a test day or a race? Whether it’s a big rig or a golf cart, we’ve got room and will happily work with you. Need an alert, quick thinking, experienced mechanic, car chief or helper? Send up the bat signal and Chris will race right over!

Pricing and availability depends on a lot of things, so head over to the Contact page and shoot us a message!

Circuit of the Americas Camping

We have camping for all Circuit of the Americas events, more info and pricing is on the Camping page. We usually have entertainment during big events like MotoGP and F1. Hopefully next year X-Games!)

Circuit of the Americas camping

Circuit of the Americas Parking

In addition to camping and entertainment, we also have parking for all Circuit of the Americas events! Head over to the Parking page for more info and pricing!