Circuit of the Americas Camping

circuit of the americas camping and parkingWe’ve had a great time hosting a number of friends, new and old, for MotoGP events and the F1 USGP for Circuit of the Americas camping! Unfortunately, due to changes in the property and our business structure we will no longer be able to provide camping!

However, we have a limited number of RV sites available for events. These come with 20A power hookups only; you can dump on your way out and fill up with water, but we don’t have the facilities to offer full-time sewer & water hookups! We can accommodate 2-3 RV’s for each event, and will happily host anybody interested in “dry camping” in their RV’s! Each 20A power hookup will run $100/night, dry camping spots are $50 per RV per night.

We can also help you locate and get an RV/trailer rental on-site for these weekends. Call or email us to coordinate.

circuit of the americas camping


14 thoughts on “Circuit of the Americas Camping

  • Robert Wilmoth


    I’m looking for camping possibilities for the upcoming MotoGP races.

    Some of my amigos and I will be riding down from northwest Colorado to attend the races. We were wondering about availability and prices for tent campsites with parking for bikes. Probably would be 4-6 bikes/persons total. Tents would be one per each rider and all will be 2-3man tents. What kind of facilities do you provide?

    If you don’t have availability ……….. do you have anyone else that you would recommend?

    Thanks for the info.


    • Chris

      Hi Rob, sent you a reply email, but I’ll post here too because you’ve asked some good questions!

      Still plenty of availability, we have 17 acres to fill!

      We’ll have 2 shower stalls, 2 lavatories, some fire pits and grills, live music Friday/Saturday nights and coffee/quick breakfast stuff in the mornings (cereal, poptarts, cinnamon rolls, etc).

      Turn 1 entrance is about 3/4 of a mile walk from our front gate. My understanding of MotoGP is they usually have bike corrals which mean free parking, but the walk isn’t too bad… you’ll certainly walk quite a bit more distance just going around the track than the walk from the campsites to the gate!


  • Michael Aitken

    do you charge for each motorcycle? I will have a 2 trucks with trailors for the bikes. So do i get charged just for the two trucks? do you have showers there?

    • Chris

      Hi Michael, we’re only charging for the vehicle you drive in the gate originally… so you and whoever is in each truck is $50/night. You’re welcome to come and go on as many motorcycles as you want… we just ask you be respectful of others if coming back late at night!


    • Chris

      Hi William, you can select the number of nights through the PayPal link on this page. It’s $50/night per vehicle, so as many folks as you can cram in or on whatever you come through the gate in! If you would prefer not to use PayPal you can mail a check to 13807 FM 812, Del Valle, TX 78617. You can also pay when you show up, but I have a cap on number of people we can support without running into issues. At the moment we’re not close but I’ve had a number of people contact me that haven’t RSVP’d!


  • Sherron

    Do ya’ll have the hookups, water, electricity, sewage for toyhaulers/rvs? I see it is planned amenities.

  • RIch Bebenroth

    Hi there,
    We will be arriving real late on Thursday. Our flight lands at 12:15 and then we have to get our rental. If we prepay can we still come in and quietly find a spot to set up camp? It will likely be after 1am.
    Also we would like to camp Sunday night as well. Is this an option?
    Rich and Melissa

  • Dave

    I paid for 3 nights for the F1 weekend, do I need to bring the receipt or pick out a site or anything?

    • Chris

      Hi Dave, I’ve got an RSVP list with everybody that’s paid, so you’ll just check in at the office when you get here. I’ve got some maps of the property and you’ll be able to pick a spot then!


  • Raimo

    I am coming down to MotoGP to camp with you. I noticed something about no pedestrian access to the circuit. You mentioned it’s a short walk….
    Let me know what the plan is.

    • Chris

      They’ve said that for F1, Grand-Am and the concerts as well… in reality, they have yet to enforce it and I would be surprised if they decide to enforce it for MotoGP given that 1) there is no bus shuttle like for F1 and 2) their reduction in projected attendence. In any case, we’re nearly directly across the street from the Lot P entrance so if they DO decide to enforce it this year we can run a “shuttle” the 100 feet to the driveway entrance.

      See you next week,

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