Family race car rental day at Harris Hill Road

race car rental

Race Car Rental & Driver Training

Back before the holidays, some customers wanted to get the family together and drive some racecars and get the younger folks some time in a stick shift and on track, and I was more than happy to help with an SRF race car rental! It was an enjoyable afternoon for everybody, and many thanks to Harris Hill Road for the facility and loaner Mazda’s for the younger folks to get used to before hopping in the SRF’s!

If you need an SRF race car rental to hone your driving skills or racecraft I’ll happily meet you anywhere in the continental United States! Although to be honest, it’s best if you can meet me at Harris Hill Road or Circuit of the Americas… diesel is expensive! All kidding aside, whether you just want to try something different, need help getting quicker in your own car or want to learn the tricks of the trade when it comes to equal-equipment racing; you’ve found the right place! With 2 identically prepared Spec Racer Ford’s we can work on your driving, racecraft, or just have a fun afternoon away from the office! Head over to the Contact Page to inquire about a  race car rental today!