Chris Taylor Racing Services is the culmination of over a decade in the automotive and racing business, a spinoff of the successful Taylor Rotorsports that Chris Taylor and his father Walt opened in 2003. Located seconds from the world class Circuit of the Americas, CTRS aims to provide the highest quality rental and arrive-and-drive programs for WRL, SCCA, NASA, or Pro series vehicles. With experience in nearly every level of racing and varieties which include stage rally, hillclimbs and Rallycross, CTRS is ready for anything and our trackside hospitality is unbeatable.

In 2019 we are continuing to add products for sale both trackside and on this website. We race what we sell, and are happy to sell and support G-Loc Brakes, Hang-Dry® suit dryer, Apex Pro Digital Driving Coach, and more. To see what we currently have in stock, check out our Store, and come back for regular updates.


A message from Chris Taylor:

Chris Taylor“This is the result of over 10 years of being in the automotive and racecar business, focusing on a very niche market with the Mazda RX7 and rotary engine. Thanks to some luck and an already ever-changing scope of business, I’ve struck out on my own and broadened my horizons to include anything that goes fast or needs restoration! From the time I began my racing career at age 8, I was always responsible for fixing any damage to the car — whether of my own doing or because of incidents on track, which bred both a keen interest in the mechanics of a car and also a self (and equipment) preservation instinct that’s provided great success in sprint and endurance race finishes. ”

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