Racing Services

Already own a racecar? We bring our same excellent levels of hospitality, driver coaching, and prep to our arrive-and-drive customers anywhere in Texas, as well as regular out of state events at places like Hallett, Road America, and more. Whether you need an oil change, wreck repair, safety updates, paint or a complete service program, we’re here to help. Head over to the contact page and shoot us a message with any questions you may have!

  • Rentals
  • Arrive-and-drive
  • Driver coaching (racecraft, data acquisition help/setup, trackside support)
  • Racecar graphics, vinyl & decals
  • Paint, fiberglass & body repair


Shop rate: $100/hr

Track rate: $150/hr (severe damage, continued transmission/differential/engine swaps, etc.)

Arrive and drive: $1/mile, $250/day at-track support (check tires, minor adjustments, radio work, etc.)

Basically, we’re there to help you strap in, check tire pressures, torque lugnuts, work radios, etc. for $250/day. If we have to change transmission, engine, rear end, suspension or damage from crash or otherwise, it’s $150/hr plus whatever parts are required.

Prices are subject to change, always email us for a firm quote. Prices above are there to help answer questions and help you get a budget — discounts for multiple cars and long standing customers.