DSC_1138 Chris Taylor Racing Services has an entire fleet of racecars for rent — several of which can be entered in multiple different classes. They are available just about any day of the week, for any event imaginable at the Circuit of the Americas and Harris Hill Road. If you need a racecar rental for a trackday, DE, or club race with SCCA, NASA, Porsche Club, BMWCCA, or any acronym we can’t think of, we’re your one stop shop!

All rentals are full arrive-and-drive, all you do is show up at the track, strap in and have a good time! All licensing and entry fees are separate and we attempt to supply the best tires and equipment we can — we’ll happily provide wheels should you want fresh rubber. We strive to have a perfect finishing record, and in over 10 years of SCCA and NASA competition we’re happy to boast a bare minimum of DNF’s and very few missed/shortened sessions due to mechanical issues or wrecks. Our priority is supplying a safe and maintained racecar!

A quick rundown of car classes available:

  • SRFDSC_1208
  • SRX7
  • ITA
  • EP – coming soon (ITA car can be quickly and easily converted if you just need a reliable car to get a finish in!)

SRF, or Spec Racer Ford, is a purpose built single seat, center cockpit racecar. Powered by a 1.9L 4 cylinder Ford motor and mated to a 5 speed gearbox. Goodyear radials on staggered front/rear wheels stick the cars to the pavement, and a turn and a half takes you from lock to lock on the steering wheel. These are the most fun you can have with your pants on!

imgOur SRX7, ITA and STL rentals are based on the near bulletproof first generation RX7 and powered by 12A Mazda Wankel rotaries. We’ve got 6 sets of wheels for these cars in 13″ and 15″ sizes so grip levels depend on the class entered and how fast you want to go! Slicks are available upon request, but aren’t legal for any class requiring DOT based tires (but make track days REALLY fun, and help close the cornering gap on Miata’s).