B-Spec Rentals

We have a variety of B-Spec cars for rent, ranging from our own Ford Fiesta 1.6L former Pirelli World Challenge cars, to a customer-owned and available for rent Mazda 2 & Mini. Costs vary, but include everything like fuel and tires, trackside support, data, video, and coaching. We can even help provide loaner equipment like a helmet or suit. In SCCA trim we run Hoosier slicks, G-Loc brake pads and 93 octane pump fuel. For endurance races we use the Falken Azenis RT615K tire, G-Loc pads again and pump fuel.

Data comes from either onboard AiM MXL dash, Solo 2 DL, Apex Pro Digital Driving Coach, or any system the client supplies. Video is provided by Yi4k action cameras (think GoPro at 1/4 the cost and 1/4 the issues). Coaching comes from Chris who’s been racing for 25 years and is quite experience in race craft. The FWD platform is new to us, but as we continue to race these cars the gap to the front runners dwindles. There’s still some development in the cars, but they’ve proven to be quite competitive in SCCA B-spec as well as WRL and ChampCar.


Track Day Rental

Right now we’ve got a sweet 1999 Mazda MX-5 RS available for COTA and Harris Hill rental; whether it’s a track day, instruction day, or just get the opportunity to drive on a racetrack, we’ve got you covered!


The car has aluminum racing seats, 5 point harnesses, HardDog rollbar, big brake kit, AST 5100 coil-overs tuned by InteriaLabs, factory hard top and a carbon fiber wing!

It fits in NASA’s TTE class as well for those looking to dip their toes into competition!

Cost starts at $800/day, contact us for availability and pricing for your event!