SCCA comes to COTA, March 2013!

So it’s just been announced that Lone Star Region of the SCCA will be hosting their annual March race at Circuit of the Americas… and we couldn’t be happier!

Not only is the track just across the street, meaning we get to sleep in our own beds (and have a minuscule diesel bill) but how often do you get a chance to race at a world-class facility that Formula 1 races on?!? Folks in Europe may get that pleasure, but essentially NOBODY in the US gets that privilege! Of course, Chris Taylor Racing Services will have plenty of racecars available for rent for this momentous event, so head over and shoot us a message if you’re interested in renting an SRF, SRX7, STU/STL, ITA or EP car! Who knows, maybe the Sports2000 will be finished by then!!