USGP Parking, Camping, LIVE MUSIC!

USGP Parking


If you’re still looking for USGP Parking and haven’t already RSVP’d with us, perhaps some AWESOME and LOCAL live music will help seal the deal? At 8PM on Saturday, we’ll have awesome local band Holy Ka-Kow playing at the shop for our campers and the parkers that are having too much fun to leave! It should be a really fun time, a little louder and rowdier than Matt A. Foster’s acoustic set at MotoGP, but it’ll be up by the shop where there’s power and more light!

Because of all the rain we’ve had lately, the grass has grown like crazy! The good news is, Monday and Tuesday of this week, everything in back is freshly mown! The other fantastic news is that there shouldn’t be any burn ban, so we can bonfire and grill to our hearts content! As a matter of fact, I just burned off the hugely dangerous pile on Monday, so construction on the next one begins…. NOW!!

USGP Parking

If you’ve already RSVP’d for parking with us and HAVEN’T gotten a confirmation email, Contact Us immediately so we can get it figured out! We’re still having some host issues with our regular email, so I’ve resorted to using my Gmail address directly — sorry for any inconvenience or lack of communication! In the confirmation email there’s information and our address, which is 13807 FM 812, Del Valle, TX 78617. If you’re in need of some extra directions or would like some hints on back roads to take in case of traffic, feel free to ask!

We’ll have coffee, OJ, some snacks and quick breakfast stuff available to our parkers as well as our campers. So if you’re here, feel free to run into the showroom and grab some sustenance or refreshment!

Live Music

If you’re not parking or camping with us, or doing anything with F1, feel free to come out and listen to music! If you don’t know me, one thing I can tell you is that I LOVE MUSIC, and any chance to hang out and listen to some fantastic local music I’ll take! Especially with friends, old, new, and future! So come on out and enjoy!