Zero 360 FIA 3.0kg Novec 1230 Fire Marshal

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The latestLifeline range of Zero 360 car fire extinguishers are the result of extensive research and development. Novec™1230 Zero 360 represents a significant step forward in motorsport safety, convincingly passing the FIA tests conducted by the British Standards Institute and observed by the MSA.

Offering all the benefits of a Zero 360 Novec™1230 system but competitively price positioned, Lifeline’s popular Fire Marshal brand has now been extended to the Zero 360 range. New for 2018 is the 3.0kg varient for international rallying.

This series of systems has been awarded FIA homologation number EX.042.17

Novec™1230 Zero 360 has moved the boundaries of motorsport car fire extinguishers. Using only the finest materials in both its construction and installation kit this system performed extremely well in the FIA tests for plumbed in fire systems which were witnessed by the British Standard Institute.

Kit Includes

        • 8mm Tube (x 6m)
        • Bracket and Straps (x 1)
        • Heatproof Over Braid (x 6m)
        • Straight Inlet Nozzle (x 2)
        • Double Z Nozzle (x 3)
        • 8mm Equal T Connector (x 1)
        • 8mm Bulkhead Fitting (x 1)
        • Tube Clips (x5)
        • 4 Way Connector (x 1)
        • Decal Pack (x1)
        • 2m/6ft Pull Cable (x1)
        • 4m/12ft Pull Cable (x1)
        • Cable Nipple (x1)

        **This product is labeled 3.0kg which is the typically accepted equivalent of a 5lbs system, but consult your series for confirmation.**
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