2024 Racing Schedule


spec miata rental

Below is the list of events we currently have on our schedule for the 2024 Season. All events listed are available for our B-Spec and Spec Miata Rentals, arrive and drive in your car, or simply transport your car.

BOLD Dates are SCCA Super Tour events. All Texas races are races we attend, unless conflicts arise. The SCCA Runoffs are at Road America for 2024 & 2025 and require you to qualify to attend. 

ARRC & Turkey Trot are events we'd love to attend if there exists a demand from customers. There are a few other events like Daytona, High Plains and Ozarks that if they fit with our schedule and people want to go, we'll go! Contact us to express interest in dates for racecar rental or arrive and drive!

January 4-7 Homestead SCCA Majors
January 11-14 Sebring SCCA Super Tour
January 20-21 Cresson SCCA Divisional
February 17-18 NOLA SCCA Super Tour
March 8-10 Road Atlanta SCCA Super Tour
March 23-24 Eagles Canyon SCCA Majors
April 20-24 Hallett SCCA Super Tour
May 4-5 ECR SCCA Majors
May 25-26 MSRH SCCA Majors
June 20-23 Road America SCCA Super Tour
August 24-25 Barber SCCA SARRC
August 31-Sept 1 Cresson SCCA Majors
Sept 27-Oct 6 Road America SCCA Runoffs
October 26-27 ECR SCCA Divisional
November 1-3 Road Atlanta SCCA ARRC
November 30-Dec 1 Sebring SCCA Turkey Trot