Circuit of the Americas Parking

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Save money, park with us for events at COTA; we've been offering Circuit of the Americas Parking since 2013, and encourage you to support local enthusiasts, not extortionists! We're racers ourselves, and have enjoyed meeting fellow racers and fans from across the world for the last 9 years!

No passes are mailed. You’ll get your 3 day pass when you check in Friday. All you do is tell us your name, then park. The process is about as simple as it gets. 

*To specify which event you're parking for: put F1, USGP, NASCAR, MotoGP, etc., in the notes field on the "check out" page so we can get you on the correct RSVP list! Once you get here we'll check you off our list and if you're doing 3-day parking, give you a parking pass so you can breeze right in Saturday and Sunday.*

We're an easy, roughly 3/4 mile walk to the Turn 1 gate of COTA. Often they have shuttles running around the facility so you can enter other gates. 

If this page doesn't say SOLD OUT, we still have room. There are no events between now and F1 2022; we've never sold out for a NASCAR or MotoGP race but F1 is our biggest event -- if we sell a spot we guarantee you a spot, which is why we'll turn this page off when we reach capacity. Hopefully the large type on this page answers most of the questions we get lately!