Hang-Dry® Suit Dryer

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Don't put a sweaty suit on again!

The Hang-Dry® suit dryer will dry your drivers suit, leathers, snow suit, wet suit, whatever you've got, in minutes! At a recent SCCA race in humidity capital of the world, Houston, TX we dried 2 soaking wet drivers suits in less than 30 minutes. 

  • Hang-Dry® is used to dry many different suits and gear with the use of a high-powered fan that is built into the unit.
  • Hang-Dry® is built out of strong plastic and has a 12ft cord.
  • The Hang-Dry® is built to support around 100 lbs and the handle is used for transporting convenience.
  • The plastic tubular shape forces the air through the suit with pressure.
  • The fan is built out of die-cast aluminum housing and the impeller is steel that is directly welded onto the rotor. The fan is also built with a ball bearing.
  • The fan motor’s output is 250.1 cfms.
  • Hang-Dry® comes with a 5-year warranty, which is activated on date of purchase.

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