Mazda2 Stainless Exhaust

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Walker Pro Motorsports stainless steel exhaust for B-Spec Mazda2, with muffler or flow through glasspack. Designed to work with the Mazda Motorsports header.

NOTE: we started with 4 complete units on hand, 2 of each muffler type. Currently working on a large production batch made, which should bring the cost down, but pricing on that is TBD. If you’re hung up on a build and need an exhaust system now, order away! If you’re converting an existing car and can wait a bit, shoot me a message so I have an idea of how many to order! We will also be able to offer both muffler types down the road once we dyno test everything and see if there’s any power difference between the two. Have no idea what the sound readings are with the oval muffler but it is significantly quieter than the glasspack style round muffler.