Complete Hub Assemblies

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People often ask us what we do to the bearings on the Mazda/Ford B-Spec cars, and the answer is, nothing. Quality bearings, MSI or ARP studs, 3-4 hours of break in time on our fixture, and we bolt them on and go. The break in is the only "magic" we've found that works on these, and prolongs life noticeably. Previously this was only a service we did for our house cars, but after several requests, here it is! Note that prices are for entire new assemblies front or rear, if you supply your own knuckles and hub faces, the price comes down considerably. The rears are single use so there's no core availability on those.

A complete assembly includes:

MSI/ARP studs and installation, new Mazda bearing cartridge (front) or entire hub assembly (rear), new hub flange (front), used knuckles (front). Plus 3-4 hours of break-in time on our fixture.

ONLY AVAILABLE for Mazda2 or Fiesta's running Mazda2 hub assemblies at this time!