ECU Flash (Mazda2, Ford Fiesta, Toyota Yaris)

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We are proud to provide ECU Flashing services through FTG Tuning for B-Spec cars. These flashes are continually being improved, part of ordering through us is being maintained in a database so we can quickly and easily identify the revision and flash on your box. 


Mazda2 ECU's now being shipped with the 5 point torx bit needed to get the factory ECU out and 4 M4 allen head bolts to replace them with!


*** NOTE: FORD FIESTA ECU's MUST go back in the car they came from. Send in the ECU from the car you want flashed, and re-install that ECU post-flash. Swapping ECU's between Fiestas will result in a very bad time for you.


***** SECOND NOTE: Yaris ECU's can be swapped but MUST not be equipped with factory alarm/security. 


******** THIRD NOTE: Mazda2 ECU's may be freely swapped, and will require you sending your core ECU in to get a flashed ECU back. If for some reason you want YOUR SPECIFIC ECU back, please email us and let us know BEFOREHAND.