Corksport Mazda2 Torsion Bar

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This B-Spec approved part for the Mazda2 and Ford Fiesta bolts to the rear axle beam and provides extra stiffness for improved handling. 

The CorkSport Rear Torsion Bar adds much needed roll resistance to the rear of the Mazda 2 to help keep all four wheels planted (wheel lift is an issue with this sub-compact Mazda). You can read about our intial Mazda 2 performance driving at a local SCCA AutoX here. This bar was a result of a needed improvement for the Mazda 2 through our experience in competition.

Our CorkSport Rear Torsion Bar was designed in 3D CAD software and optimized for strength and weight using FEA analysis. The brace was then thouroughly tested on the Mazda 2 to provide added roll resistance in the rear of the vehicle. With such a short wheel base, the 2 can lift a rear wheel during hard cornering. The rear torsion bar will help reduce wheel lift and result in quicker cornering and decreased understeer.

So now that you're interested, why should you buy the CorkSport Rear Torsion Bar? Let's cover the basics:

  • The CorkSport Rear Torsion Bar is hand-crafted from 1inch diameter aircraft grade aluminum and fully TIG welded along the mount points to resist fatigue over time.
  • The Mazda Rear Torsion Bar is legal in SCCA B-Spec and Pirelli World Challenge TCB racing.
  • Black powder coated. A durable finish to survive the elements and road debris.
  • The bar was CAD designed and optimized for strenghth using Finite Element Analysis (FEA). This ensures that the torsion bar is light weight, yet strong and rigid to resist body roll.
  • The hardware is grade 8, zinc coated steel to provide solid mounting without rusting.

CorkSport Torsion Bar features full color installation instructions, all of the needed installation hardware, and knowledgeable telephone installation support. Installation of the brace will take 1/2 hour with basic hand tools.