Mazda2 Stainless Exhaust

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Mazda 2 Performance Exhaust System

Mazda 2 catback exhaust system designed to work with the 2010-2015 model years of Mazda 2. The Mazda2 exhaust was designed for SCCA B-Spec racing and is used in all our Mazda 2 race car rentals.

The Mazda 2 performance exhaust was designed in conjunction with Walker Pro Motorsports using stainless steel construction and TIG welding with options of a muffler (offroad/street but pretty loud) or straight flow through glasspack (If you need to ask how loud this is you are not going to want this). The exhaust system is built around being installed with Mazda Motorsports Mazda 2 header.

NOTE: The Mazda2 exhausts made to order so there can be up to a 3-4 week wait for shipping/delivery depending on car builds we are completing and the current race schedule. If you're curious on a definitive delivery time shoot us a note and we can get you one.